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After a long journey we have the valuable blood of the Ramiro mare with this foal from the embryo transfer  Ronja  can get for breeding.

  • further description

    We thank our friend Friedhelm Vehlber for the good cooperation in this matter.

    A full sister of this mare is already very successful in Belgium in sport up to 1.40 m. Another half sister of Staronni, the mare  Ejaz by Darco  was successful in jumping up to 1.60 m before she was taken into breeding. However, another half brother is currently successful, namely the performance-tested stallion  Calisto V by C-Indoctro , who as a six-year-old was already successful in M* tests several times and then also made his way to the S* class  made it, where he was also placed several times. Also the full sister of Calisto V,  Camira, has been placed S* several times.

    The internationally successful jumper "Double Power AS" also descends from Ronja's dam and many other sport horses and also licensed stallions such as Casanova by Calypso II-Freiherr-Gotthard or Wiener Charme by Wienerwald-Freiherr-Gotthard or Rousseau (Westf.) v. Romadour II-Lugano II-Gotthard.

  • birth date

    May 01, 2010

  • colour


  • gender


  • ancestry

    Stakkato x Ramiro x Wendekreis x Gotthard




  • mare line

    Dam line Nilita 758 Hanover

    Hanoverian jumping horse breeding programme

  • size

    1.67 m

  • successes

    The son "Orlando Love" became a premium stallion in Herning/Denmark in 2020.

  • progeny

    year foal stallion
    2017 Orlando Love Orlando
    2016 Candy for Cash Cash and carry
    2015 Donja Diarado



  • offspring successes

    Donja*2015 Placed up to 1.40m in Sweden in 2022

    Candy for cash*2016 victorious in (1.20 m)  in 2022
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    Orlando Love*2017 Premium Stallion in Herning Denmark 2019

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