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We breed with approx. 4-6 broodmares, which emerge from three different well-bred jumping lines.

These are the Hanoverian line 396 "Flaute", line of the top sire Cicero Z, the Westphalian line 227, from which a Goldika / Gerd Wildfang or a Black Jack / David Will emerge and the Holstein line 4294, the line of LBConvall / Philipp Weishaupt, Herald / Markus Beerbaum and much more.

All of the dam lines have been on our farm for several generations.

Breeding takes place on the basis of the Hanoverian show jumping program in mating with stallions who have proven their jumping qualities through their own or offspring performance.

A correct foundation, good basic gaits and a strong back are very important to us.

All mares are performance tested, either in competitions or in a brood mare test.

In addition, all of our mares are x-rayed and examined by a veterinarian.

Current broodmares

Former broodmares

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