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Malaca by Maloubet de Pleville

Malaca by Maloubet de Pleville

The fourth filly in a row from our former broodmare  Lady Calmia ,  which we sold in foal to Baden-Württemberg.

  • further description

    A bloody, very long-legged foal with a lot of expression, this time by Maloubet de Pleville, who is himself successful in sport at international level, who can already deliver an excellent blianz as a sire with many offspring who are successful up to 1.60 m. The best-known example of this is Malou/Meridith Michaels Beerbaum.

    This young lady has the top sires Baloubet du Rouet, Landgraf, Capitol, Calypso II, Gotthard and Pik König directly in the front generations of her pedigree.


    Successful horses from this tribe:

    Cicero Z/Dirk Demersmann international 1.60 m successful

    Golden birch/Otto Becker international 1.60 m successful

    Uncle Sam/Eric Lamaze international 1.60 m successful

    Cleman by Comte x Calypso II x Picard S* successful

    and much more

  • birth date

    June 11, 2018

  • colour


  • gender


  • ancestry

    Maloubet de Pleville x Landsteicher x Calypso II x Picard


  • size

    approx. 1.69 m

  • successes

    Placed in elementary level show jumpers class L from January 2024

    Victorious in show jumping A* August 2023

  • videos

    Winner show jumpers A in August 2023

    October 2022 - 4 years old under saddle

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