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Very tall colt by the well-known sire  Lordanos. 

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    Lordanos provided over 20 licensed sons for breeding and was successful in sport up to advanced level. About the very interesting dam line of  noble  very interesting blood flows in the veins, even with the necessary thoroughbred connection.
    We are very sad that he unfortunately died on the 4th day of life.............


    Successful horses from this tribe:

    LB Convall / Philipp Weishaupt 1.70 m victorious

    Herald III/Markus Beerbaum 1.60 m successful

    Amadeus Z                     1.60 m successful

    Castello 187/Toni Hassmann 1.60 m successful

    Carlot/R.Pessoa                1.60 m successful

    and much more

  • birth date

    May 04, 2009

  • colour


  • gender


  • ancestry

    Lordanos x Contender x Lancer II x Sherrynetherland xx



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