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    By using the For Pleasure son Firth of Lorne, we deliberately lined the great Furioso II and acted true to our principles of using Hanoverian genes to anchor the positive attributes such as good back, health and willingness to perform. This has worked very well in this foal, a power pack with a lot of movement!

    The sire Firth of Lorne was victorious at the very highest level S***** before he has now been sold to the USA.


    Successful horses from this tribe:

    LB Convall / Philipp Weishaupt 1.70 m victorious

    Herald III/Markus Beerbaum 1.60 m successful

    Amadeus Z                     1.60 m successful

    Castello 187/Toni Hassmann 1.60 m successful

    Carlot/R.Pessoa                1.60 m successful

    and much more

  • birth date

    June 16, 2016

  • color


  • gender


  • ancestry

    Firth of Lorne x Vulkano x Contender x Lancer II

  • size

    1.71 m

  • successes

    Show jumpers M* victorious;  qualified for the Bundeschampionat 2021

    placed in the final of the Bundeschampionat (3 clear rounds)

    Placed in 2022 and won youngster tours in Mexico (1.25 m)

  • videos

    Winner Youngster Tour November 4th, 2022 - 1.25 m in Mexico

    In Mexico January 2022

    international 1.20 m in Peelbergen:

    Winner of the Bundeschampionat qualification

    as a foal:

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