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Hann.premium mare CICERELLA

Hann.premium mare CICERELLA

A long-thought-out project of line breeding on the dam line of  Cicero van Paemel :-) 

  • further description

    He and his offspring are more and more in the limelight and are now 42nd in the WBFSH_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d world rankings as a sire.
    cicerella has him as a father and her mother Hann.Premium mare Bella Calmia from his direct mother stem Callypsostreicher We are very happy about this successful heir.
    Your motherBella Calmiais now placed and successful at just 8 years up to 1.40 m, after having already given birth to two foals.
    This young lady has the top sires Carthago, Ramiro, Gotthard, Landgraf, Capitol, Calypso II and Pik König directly in the front generations of her pedigree.

    In May 2022  Cicerella passed a very good mare performance test, in which she received 8.5 for manner, 9.5 for ability and 8.5 for intelligence.

    For 2023 she is in foal to Conrad de Hus, who has achieved pretty much everything in the sport up to 1.60 m with Gregory Whathelet.


    Successful horses from this tribe:

    Cicero Z/Dirk Demersmann international 1.60 m successful

    Golden birch/Otto Becker international 1.60 m successful

    Uncle Sam/Eric Lamaze international 1.60 m successful

    Cleman by Comte x Calypso II x Picard S* successful

    and much more

  • birth date

    April 21, 2019

  • colour


  • gender


  • ancestry

    Cicero Z x Chaman x Landstreicher x Calypso II

  • height

    will be tall, approx. 1,72m

  • successes

    Hanoverian show jumping program PHS*


    Cicerella has her mare performance test in jumping with the grades 8.5 for manner, 9.5 for ability and 8.5 for jumping intelligence filed. In terms of rideability, she received 7.25 and the GGA was rated 6.83 .

    Hanoverian premium prospect

    Vet +

  • videos

    3 year old mare performance test

    3 years old under the rider after 4 weeks in the riding stable

    As a foal:

  • carrying from



  • progeny

    year  Foal stallion





    Charmer HP


    Conrad de Hus

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