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30 years of breeding show jumpers - a long time !

30 years of horse breeding - a long time

At the end of this year I would like to look back briefly.

My first foal was born 30 years ago. I started breeding with my riding horse at the time, a Salem-Dynamo-Widerhall-Altenwalde mare.

Unfortunately, this mare only had colts. In the first ten years of breeding, 8 foals were born, whereby no foal was born for 4 years.

From this time comes Ritano by Ramiro's Bube out of the Salem mare, who was successful up to S*** level, and the gelding Lennox (qualified for the Bundeschampionat, after that the trail is lost) by Landclassic out of a Cheenook-Dürkheim-Waidmannsdank xx mare, which I had acquired as a foal. She received a 10 for her ability in the SLP.

In the second 10 years of my breeding activity, 31 foals were born from different lines. The line of the St.Pr. mare Chalina by Chasseur-Argentan-Woermann, which I had also acquired as a foal, accompanied me for a few years. The daughter St.Pr. mare Acaryna by Acorado was herself successful in sport up to M * level. From this mare in turn the mare Contessa by Conteur was born, who was highly successful in sport up to advanced (S**) level and won, among other things, the jumping competition at the Hamburg Derby.

In 2005 we were able to acquire our current foundation mare, St.Pr. Farina by For Pleasure-Calypso II-Pilot. This line is now with the 5th generation still represented on our farm.

In 2006 we were lucky enough to acquire the St.Pr. mare Calmia by Calypso II-Picard-Gotthard from the line of Flaute (Cicero Z). At that time she was 17 years old and not in foal, but she still gave us 4 foals. Here too, the 5th generation will be born next year.

Our 3rd foundation mare moved in with us in 2008, the Holstein district premium mare Nobless by Contender-Lancer II-Sherrynetherland xx from the line 4294 (L.B.Convall, Herald and many more). This line is represented in the 4th generation with us.

We have bred a total of 80 foals and we are curious to see how many more will be added.

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