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Our history

30 years of successful jumping horse breeding

Show jumping horse breeding - That means for us

  • with mares from good old, well-bred show jumping lines and correct legs

  • based on the Hanoverian jumping horse breeding program

  • in mating with stallions who have demonstrated their jumping qualities through their own or offspring performance

  • in a combination of Holstein genes mixed with Hanoverian performance blood

to breed interesting foals for breeding and sport.

And most importantly, hope remains ...

We are the Peters family, consisting of Heide and Helmut Peters and the children Jörn and Rike, born in 2001 and 2003.
The farm is purely a family business, on which dairy cattle were previously farmed until the older generation went into well-deserved retirement. The farm has 18 hectares of its own land, a small part of which is used for horse breeding, the other part is leased. At the moment the stable is being converted into a mare stable. You can get a small impression on the pictures.

Our team


Helmut Peters

Helmut is the contact person for all agricultural matters at Hof Peters.


Heath Peters

Heide is a longtime, experienced horse breeder. She is active in the Hanoverian Show Jumping Committee.

IMG_8035 (2).JPG

Jörn and Rike Peters

Jörn and Rike support with the daily tasks of horse breeding and both ride.

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